Hevle Vintage

80% scale Stearman


 Plan set Nearing Completion.

We appreciate all the e-mails of individuals showing interest in this great project. We want to do this right the first time and since it is self funded, it is taking longer than expected. At first this plans built kit will be for experienced builders as the construction manual will be available at a later date. We are still working on the plans , we appreciate your patients.

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Last updated: 12/27/2010


Fuselage: 20'         Wingspan: 25' 8"    Total wing area: 190.46 sq. ft.                                Engine: Rotec R 2600 Radial or 150 h.p. R3600            Comfortably accommodate two full size adults   


Empty Weight: 950 lbs.

Gross Weight: 1500 1bs. /can be lowered to fit new sportsman license

Cruse: 93 mph

Stall: 40 mph

Here at Hevle Aviation we are working hard on designing and building an authentic, strong and well performing 80% scale Stearman. The cockpit areas have been slightly enlarged to accommodate two full size adults. The construction is similar to the Full Scale Stearman, Steel tube fuselage and empennage, wood wings, wood and aluminum bird cage, steel flying wires and fabric covering.

The Prototype is also in the process of being built. We are working closely with Pete Plumb of Wood Wing Specialties  who will be building the four wing panels and center section. Steve Calkins of Calkins Aircraft is working on the CAD drawings.

We are working on two gear designs: One very similar to the original, with air oil struts. The other being an aluminum one piece spring gear.

The plans are coming along nicely. With over 10000 original Stearman drawings to use as a reference and to design and engineer it properly takes a little time. All the metal and wood has been purchase for the prototype and we are eager  to start building it.

We have been so pleased with the Rotec R 2800 that we know it will be the perfect engine for the Vintage.

First we will be building the prototype and offering a full set of plans and instruction manual. Next we will be offer sub kits as the need arises. If you are interested in building one please e-mail us at hevleaviation@aol.com . The more interest we have the more time we will devote to the project. We are also taking down payments to secure the first kits.

Estimated Kit cost will be $39,000 which will include everything except engine, prop, instruments and paint.