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Hevle Classic   

Experience the Joy of Seeing Someone Smile Right Along With You

Hevle Classic-This fuselage will be offered as a kit. It will have a steel tube construction that the builder will complete and cover. The builder will be able to install his previously built (from a single seat Fly Baby) wings, tail and engine.  hevleaviation@aol.com

The Classic welded steel tube fuselage kits are available. Convert your Fly Baby to a Two seater or build a new airplane. Full kits are also available. Taking orders now. Call or e-mail today. Typical delivery time 6-8 weeks.
Fuselage with CAD drawings, turtle deck and instrument panels $1295.00.

Full Kit,  includes,  drawings, a Fully welded steel tube fuselage, complete duel controls (rear cockpit brakes only), firewall-boot cowl and cockpit material, fabric material around cockpits, empennage material, formed windshield and Plexiglas, seat material, flying and landing wire material with one end swaged (we will swage the other end after you get the measurement), instrument panel material, elevator trim tab material, rear throttle quadrant, tail wheel spring and tail wheel, main gear V's (streamline steel tubing), axel, main wheels and tires, brake assemblies including master cylinders, all fittings and hardware, engine mount (customer supplies information if engine is not a Rotec R2800), drilled 1" spars, formed ribs, Steel compression ribs, fuel tank and fuel on/off valve, for $25,995.00.

Needed for completion: Engine and engine accessories, control cables from throttle quadrant to engine, propeller, all gauges and instruments, all electrical, mag switch, battery if needed, avionics, front cockpit throttle quadrant, seat cushions, covering material of your choice, paint, tools, a desire to build a fun airplane and about 1500 hours of labor.       

Drawings available for wood construction:

3 view CAD 3'x5'  $30.00 plus s&h (shows top, side and bottom view of fuselage layout)

Full scale side layout $65.00 one side which can be used for both, (makes layout much easier) plus s&h.

Purchase the 3 view and 2 full scale layouts for the Tandem Fly Baby wood fuselage for $120.00   plus s&h. Bowers Flybaby plans needed.

Shipping and Handling is $10.00 for lower 48 states.  Please call or e-mail for rates outside US.


Order and pay online through paypal


3 view cad 3'x5' drawing  $30.00
Full Scale cad side layout $65.00
Full set: includes 3'x5' 3 view and two full scale drawings $120.00
All drawings are $13.00 shipping and handling lower 48 states $13.00
DVD $15.00
shipping and handling lower 48 states $3.00


Tandem Classic steel tube fuselage $9595.00
Streamline steel landing gear. Does not include wheels and brakes: please specify your wheels and brakes $2550.00
Streamline steel landing gear with wheels and brakes $3995.00
Dual controls, includes: 2 control sticks, control stick torque tube and housing assembly, 4 rudder pedals $2650.00
Engine mounts: specify engine and airframe dimensions $1295.00 and up
Please e-mail for all crating, shipping and handling charges  


New DVD on Hevle Classic now available. It goes through the design and construction of the airplane and has a lot of flying.

DVD is $15.00 and s&h to lower 48 states is $3.00


Hevle Aviation

P.O. Box 21854

Bakersfield, Ca. 93390




Empty Weight-     900 lbs/ 800 lbs LSA                            Length-21'9"                

Gross Weight-     1500 lbs./ 1320 lbs LSA                       Wing Span- 28'                                   

Red Line-            135 mph                                                Height- 6'               

Cruise Speed-     105 mph                                                Pilot- 220 lbs.+ @   6'3"

Stall Speed-         45 mph                                                 Passenger- 240 lbs. + @  6'4"

Take off-             400 ft.                                                   Horizontal span- 10'

Landing distance  650 ft.

Climb rate           1000 fpm

Fuselage jigs

We logged more than 125 hours on the Classic. The flight characteristics have been better than expected. The engine pulls the 1200 lb. flying weight alone very well. Stalls are docile with no bad tendencies. The ailerons are light and responsive, where as the Elevator is heavier and sensitive. We have changed the elevator horn to make this better.

The Front cockpit is comfortable with plenty of leg room, wind is light and visibility is good. The Back cockpit is a little different. First, viability is similar to a J-3 cub (flying from the back). Second, there is quite a bit more wind (similar to a Stearman). Third, at 6'2" I (Eric) am a little cramped, it's OK for shorter flights (45 min), but gets uncomfortable after an hour. We have lengthened the Fuselage 3" in the rear cockpit area to help this out. Also the Fuselage has been widened out by 3".

Weight and Balance: The CG limits are the same as the single seat, meaning the same position in relation to the wing. The front seat is just about over the center of gravity and has no effect to the CG. Fuel of course adds fwd CG and Baggage aft CG. The pilot sitting in the aft seat also effects the CG. If you build your airplane such that the empty weight CG is fwd (Having an electrical system, including battery located between the front seat rudder peddles, heavier engine like the Rotec R-2800, Continental O-200 or Lycoming O-235 or similar) you should have the ability to have a heavier aft seat Pilot (225+lbs) and Baggage (35 lbs.). By the same token, you can have a lighter engine like a Continental C-85, and will just have to install it further forward. With our airplane, to make absolutely sure we would be within range, we finish the airplane except for the firewall forward. Then I weighed the airplane and got my CG calculations. I then weighed the engine, cowling and all parts necessary for the engine compartment. With those figures I then started calculating were I needed to place the engine to be within range. All of this does take a little time but is not very hard to do. When you get to the point were you need to figure out were to put your engine, I will help.


Dual Controls: You can build your tandem with duel controls or not. Dual brakes are the most difficult to do so we did not fabricate them (it also keeps your passenger front getting on the brakes especially during landing). Front seat rudder peddles are installed with a cable attaching the front to rear. The stick is a little more challenging. The important thing to remember is that you need to keep the Geometry the same as the single seat. We built ours similar in design to Vans RV-4 design.




As can be seen it will accommodate two full size adults. Wings and Tail are silver and are ready for paint. Fitting wings for CG check


Cockpit views:  Aft,   Front,   Baggage,   Map Pocket and Front Cockpit of wood prototype.

Fitting and installing the Rotec R-2800 and RUNNING. Very Smooth, Sounds just like a radial should. Look at video clip above

Some specs: Steel streamline landing gear, Rotec R 2800, Horizontal has a 1 foot longer span, 5/32" stainless flying wires, 3/16" stainless flying wires for the bottom of the wing, and 16 gals. of fuel.

The Hevle Classic won it's first Award at Case Grande Antique Fly In (Cactus Fly-in) in Phoenix Arizona.

Merced Fly-in. Tandem draws a crowd

Engine mounts: