How to find parking in the Cleveland Airport?

If you’re flying out of the Cleveland Hopkins Airport there are basically two ways to get there: drive yourself or be transported. If you’re one of those comfy travelers that like to leave the car at home and start vacationing the minute you leave the house, then taxi or shuttle is your poison of choice; but if you’re a self-sufficient traveler then you probably prefer to get there by your own means and use parking Cleveland airport that offers many alternatives to leave your vehicle, catering to all budgets and logistical needs.

The airport Parking & Transit Map –available on the website- shows the Green Lot, a smart garage very close to the gates, ideally located for short trips or drop-offs and pick-ups. The daily rate is $20. The first three hours are only $5 and Smart Carte is only available in this parking lot. Then there are other alternatives that are more economic as the distance from the gates increases. The Red Lot goes for $18/day, the Blue Lot has a daily rate of $16, the Orange Lot is one dollar cheaper per day and the Brown Lot is only $11 dollars; and for those who like the VIP treatment, the Curbside Valet hasta a daily rate of $25 and offers a range of hourly values for those express visits to the airport.

Off the premises

If when traveling you wish to go a little bit further –literally- you may park off-site on independent lots or parking services in agreement with nearby hotels –with no need to book a room! Services such as Park N’ Fly, The Fast Park and Airport Parking Reservations offer daily rates ranging from $10 to 15 dollars and include free shuttles to and from the airport. There’s covered and uncovered parking and most services are open & staffed 24/7, some even include complimentary car washing so when you pick up your vehicle it is clean and ready to go. Some services offer to park your car for you while others cater to the self-park option… there’s really all kinds of combinations to better suit each person’s preference.

A word of advice: be sure to book in advance since some services include discounts when making reservations ahead and some lots are in high demand!

Long-term relationship

Planning a longer getaway? Flying to see the family for the holidays? Honeymooning in Europe or backpacking through South East Asia? If you’re going to be gone for a couple of weeks –at least- then long-term parking is the solution for you. Green Bee Parking offers long-term parking for rates starting at $6 per day.

So now that you know where to park at the Cleveland airport you can add the cost to your travel expenses budget and all you need is a ticket to the destination of your choice for as long as you like… your car will be waiting for you on land while you fly above it.