What To Do When Your Hat Gets Wet?

We know the joy you are filled with as you are coming out of the fitted new era hats store with your brand new hat. It did not come cheap. You probably saved for this hat for quite some time. You wish your new hat stays as newest as possible. With proper and specified care, it is possible. While instructions are available for cleaning and other care actions, very little information is available to take care when your hat gets wet. Getting wet is the scariest thing that can happen to fitted new era hats. Shrinkages, deformities, discolorations, and distortions can be very difficult to reverse. Read on to learn more about proven ways to take care of your wet hat.

What is the first thing to do when the hat gets wet? Allow the excess water to drip off on its own. Then pat the cap dry gently with a soft towel. Take care to be gentle with the logos as they are embroidered. We know that you are anxious to get the cap back in shape as it was. Nothing to worry. We shall guide you well to retain the original shape. – Retaining the shape. Before you keep your hat in the position to dry, adjust the brim and the crown in the original position. It may not be possible to change the creases later once the hat dries. A wet hat is going to dry in the same shape as you left it before drying. – Avoiding the hat to shrink while it dries. As we already told you, normal air is the best way to dry your hat. If you try to blow dry your hat with hair dryer or heater, it may cause the hat to shrink.

Taking care when the hat is wet due to perspiration: Turn the sweatbands out. This way the sweat shall evaporate instead of getting soaked inside the hat.

Here is something interesting to know: Most, of the hats by New Era come with something called Buckram. The stiff backing of cotton that you see on the two crown panels in the front of your hat is called Buckram. It is a stiff fabric meant to give stability and shape to the fabric. Specifically, for embroidery. Since Buckram is usually made out of cotton, it WILL shrink after it dries. In case your cap is made out of polyester, then the shrinkage will be lesser. A shrunk Buckram will ripple and twist the panels after they dry. Now you know what Buckram is.

Get the help of self-care kit that came with the hat. Your hat comes with some care devices provided by the manufacturer. Some of them are as below: 1. Re-shape spray 2. Shape mold 3. Brush

It also makes sense to follow the care instructions on the label inside the hat.